Achieving good performance, getting the desired results and having motivated employees in order to keep the project growing require team building, as a never-ending list of companies have found. The expression “team building” has been used since 1920, when a psychologist who was the author of the book “The group mind” referred to this concept when talking about work teams that, due to having a pleasant work environment, were able to meet the goals set by the company.

A century later, we understand team building to be the set of dynamic activities orientated towards improving the relationship between employees in order to ensure good communication, coordination, trust, commitment and cohesion among them, to allow them to solve problems quickly and efficiently, meeting the productivity levels expected by the company.

Its main benefits are:

  • It breaks the routine
  • It quickly improves the work environment
  • It drastically reduces conflicts and possible tension among co-workers.
  • It allows you to work on individual and group goals, so you can better plan in order to achieve your goals successfully.
  • It increases the trust levels between co-workers inside each work team.

In order to have a successful team building session, it is important to carry out a prior analysis and to plan thoroughly in advance. The steps you need to follow to achieve this are:

  1. Planning: with careful analysis of what is lacking in a work team and the team building proposals chosen in advance; it is essential to choose the one that is the best fit for the group.
  2. Choosing or creating activities that are similar to everyday situations at work. This step must be accompanied by reflection on the mistakes made by the team.
  3. Following up your results: some weeks later (just long enough for the activities to seem neither too recent nor too distant) participants are asked about their impressions of the team building activities.

At Masía Can Torres we have wonderful facilities for hosting a wide variety of team building activities. We have at your disposal a real Catalan “masía” (a traditional country house) with 15 rooms, our own catering services, spectacular gardens, terraces with extraordinary views and a swimming pool with a bar, where you can relax after your working day. Let us help you to strengthen your team.